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Model Me Agency Sponsorship Form

About MME

Model Me is a modeling agency tailored to educate and train young aspiring models to gain recognition in the fashion industry. We offer each model, a G.E.M. experience.

Growth - personal and professional

Exposure- agencies and organizations

Mentor ship - community and business leaders

Our Goal

Our goal is for every model to leave Connected, Competent, and Connected.

Levels in Sponsoring

LEVEL 1- $50.00 a month

*1 Readily Available Model w/1 Hr Photo-shoot

*10% Discount Off Fashion Show/Events

*Free Advertisements In All MEME Promotional material

LEVEL 2- $100.00 a month

2 Readily available Models w/2hr Photo-shoot time

25% discount off Fashion Show/Event

Free advertisement in all MME Promotional Material

G.E.M. Treatment Package- 10.00 a month

Free advertisement in all MME promotional material (YouTube, flyers etc.)

50% discount off fashion shows/events

Backstage /behind the scenes access

Preferred royale g.e.m seating.

G.E.M. Royal access ID

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